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NBN Rollout Update March 2012

NBN Co has announced the three year rollout program covering the construction of the optical fibre part of the National Broadband Network (NBN) until the end of June 2015.

A significant number of Gold Coast suburbs will be covered in this period, with more to follow soon after.

The rollout is centred around the three major NBN Points of Interconnect (PoI) on the Gold Coast—Southport, Nerang and Merrimac—and will be built in modules called Fibre Serving Area Modules (FSAMs) of up to 3,000 premises. The areas closest to the PoI are usually the first to be built because they establish the connections for other areas further away.

Once NBN Co starts building in a city they will usually just keep working until the whole area is covered. So we can expect future announcements to extend the coverage outwards from this initial footprint until the Gold Coast NBN is finished.

The design of telecommunications networks does not strictly follow suburb boundaries, so in some cases only part of a suburb will be connected.

Some people have questioned why NBN Co did not concentrate on those areas that currently have inadequate broadband. The rollout coverage area for each stage is determined by engineering design decisions which are aimed at the most efficient rollout.

The suburbs which will have some rollout activity are:
Main Beach
Surfers Paradise
Highland Park
Broadbeach Waters
Mermaid Waters
Mermaid Beach
Clear Island Waters

Note: This does not mean the whole suburb will be connected in the three year rollout.

If you would like more information on the rollout, including high-level maps and a post code search, please refer to the NBN Co website:

NBN Co estimates that about four per cent of premises Australia wide will be served by Fixed Wireless services rather than optical fibre. The fixed wireless rollout has not been announced yet, however, the fixed wireless network will be finished before the end of 2015. About three per cent of premises will be served by the Interim Satellite service, which will be upgraded when the new NBN satellite is launched in 2015.

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